Five for Friday

Look what came in the mail today!! It was my Mother's Day gift...just a little late :) Isn't everyday Mother's Day??? Well, it should be! 

I am in CLEANING MODE!!  With it being the end of school...I'm cleaning EVERYTHING!!!  This system worked really well for me this year.  I have a small crate on my desk and I have a TO FILE folder.  On Friday, the last thing I do is file everything where it needs to go.
The last thing I did today was move my files on my computer to Google Drive.  For the most part, all of my file folders on my computers match my binder files.

 This week I had one super late night.  My daughter got fitted for pointe shoes.  The nearest shop was 71 miles away!! Afterwards all the girls, their moms, and the dance teachers went out to eat.  This was our view!

Here she is trying on her new pointe shoes!  Workshop starts on Monday!  She is dedicated!

I received the best gift today! Twenty sets of chapter books (all in sets of 6)!!!

I hope everyone is having a great last month of school!!!  I know I need a little time to recover!  Considering that the next two weekends are recital weekends, I might get to recover on June 7!  Enjoy the weekend!!!!


  1. Congrats to your daughter! I love ballet :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I was never a dancer, but I just love seeing how happy she is when she dances :)


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