Project 333

I gave up shopping over Lent.  It was difficult but I really, really liked how I stopped focusing on material things.  I did buy groceries, and my children needed a few things for our spring break trip, but otherwise I avoided stores.  It also saved a ton of money (which my husband loved)!

I heard about the Project 333 challenge on Facebook and thought I could never do it!  Essentially, you  buy less, but create a great wardrobe.   Last week, I got to thinking about how much better I felt during Lent when I wasn't focused on material things.  I get about 25 emails every morning from Nordstrom, Lands End, Old Navy, Charming Charlie, Bath and Body Works, Target, Coach, Kohls, etc.  During Lent, I deleted them all.  I was never tempted by extra percentages off or additional coupons.  I decided I should try Project 333!  My goal is to make this round last until Aug 30th!

You can kind of make up your own rules :)  My first rule was that I wasn't buying anything new to supplement this project!!! 

Here were my rules:
1)  Workout clothes do not count (because they are just worn working out)
2)  For me, scarfs do not count (although I separated my winter and summer scarfs)
3)  Accessories do not count (I really only wear bracelets and earrings)
4) swimsuits/coverups/pool flip flops do not count
5) Teacher t-shirts do not count (we can wear them on Friday's)
6)  I didn't count sweatshirts/coats  I have 2 college sweatshirts that I love, 1 professional spring coat and two sporty jackets.

This is what I ended up with
5 pairs of shoes
13 tops
4 skirts
3 capris
2 skorts
1 pants
2 leggings
6 dresses*

Total:  36 items (Dresses are primarily for school)

Disclaimer...we are headed to the mountains for about 10 days this summer, and I left out 4 long sleeve shirts and 2 pairs of jeans that I'll need then.  The last couple summers, I've been in the mountains at high elevations, it was about 60 for a high and 35 for a low!!

After one week of getting ready with my new closet, I couldn't be happier!  I thought it would be way more difficult.  I love what I'm wearing.  I think the fact that I have a ton of scarfs helps dress up outfits.

I also downloaded the app Stylebook.  It is fun to use and I love creating outfits with it.  For me, I could spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME playing with this app!  I find it easier for me to "save images" right from the online stores or from Google Images.  However, I did take some pictures myself, and was easily able to "white out" the background.

Here are some outfits I created this week :)

What did I do with all my other clothes?

I donated two very large bags to Goodwill.  Those were clothes that I had not worn at all in the past year.  Then the rest are down in my guest bedroom closet.  Some are more winter/fall and a few things I thought would be perfect for the next round that I do this.


  1. What a great idea! We've been on a kinda of no clothes buying binge, too. I don't really buy much, but I want much. Plus, I'm sure I could stand to get rid of quite a few things. I actually think I can get through the summer and much of the fall with what I have (except maybe a swimsuit). I might just have to get rid of quite a bit and pair it down. Thanks of the suggestions!
    What I Have Learned

  2. I highly recommend it!! I'm trying very hard to stay focused on what is important :)


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