Summer Planning (Freebie DIY Planner Included)

I'm a huge planner!! I have an EC Planner, but I wanted something devoted just to all my summer projects. It seems like I'm always finding something to clean and organized over the summer.  I also have craft projects and TPT projects!

This works great for organizing Teacher Pay Teacher projects, home projects, and things that need to get done.

These pages are what is going to keep me organized this summer!  You can download it here!!!

I used a 1 inch binder (a 1/2 binder would probably be better).  I copied the pages on cardstock so they were more durable.  This is the cover page.

This is the first page in my planner.  It is an overview of everything I want to do.

This is the weekly planning page.  I copied these front-to-back to save paper.  Since they are on cardstock, they won't bleed through. 

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