TPT Conference in Las Vegas...Meet Up

I am very excited to be headed to Las Vegas this summer for the Teacher's Pay Teacher's Conference in Las Vegas.  I've never met any other bloggers in real life and I'm super pumped/nervous!

It looks like there will be LOTS of opportunities to meet up with other bloggers.

I thought maybe if people didn't have plans, but were like me and didn't know anyone, we could meet at the Venetian Food Court for a "Gab and Grab."  Gab with your new friends and grab a quick bite to eat.

It is super informal.  I thought we could meet in the area closest to Johnny Rockets (but everyone can grab food from their favorite fast food place).   If you think you want to go, just leave a comment here :)

If you are like me, and are not sure what to expect, Easy Teaching Tools has done an amazing blog post!!!

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