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I'd like to thank four awesome bloggers for creating the TpT Seller Challenge:

This weeks topic was Dare to Dream!!! 

College Fund
This is TOTALLY practical, but I always save a set amount of my TPT income and it goes into my children's college fund each month.  Many of my teacher friends that are just out of college have so much debt to payback, and it is hard for them to get their bills paid and pay student loans on a beginning teacher's salary.

Home Remodeling Projects
 In the past year, our house needed exterior work (new windows and new roof).  Those aren't very exciting projects.  This is just a wish list of things that I want to do to help fix up my home!
New carpet
New banister on our stairway
Master bathroom remodel
Build a sunroom off of our kitchen
This is my Pinterest Board for my home projects

  My family loves to travel!  My children have been traveling with us since they were four weeks old, and they are INCREDIBLE travelers. We'd love to go to Alaska, Europe, and Asia.  
My ultimate travel dream would be to sell our house and pretty much everything we own, and live on a sailboat in the Caribbean.  This probably isn't realistic until my youngest goes to college (in 8 years).  

Bring Joy to Children
There are lots of great organizations in my town that help those less fortunate.   
I would love to be able to buy books for a classroom library at an at-risk preschool.  
Provide a field trip for an entire grade level to someplace educationally awesome!
Fund a teacher's Donor Choose project.
Purchase new bikes for children that attend the Boys and Girls Club.
Provide funds at the YMCA that would pay the registration fee for basketball to children that couldn't afford this fee.


  1. LOVE that you are using some of your TPT money for your kids college! That is amazing :) I loved reading about your dreams...I am hoping that they all come true! They are all amazing and I love that you would like to do so much for your town and other are an inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! They made my Monday!!!

  2. Gosh, as I read each person's goals I see so many similarities to my own... your are almost exactly the same as mine!! Best of luck to you!!
    Kickin' It With Class

    1. I think it is amazing that TPT has provided dreams (and dreams come true) to so many teachers :)

  3. Wow! I can't wait until my TPT store gets to the point where I can put back a set amount. I am just getting started, so my sales are still very sporadic.
    You will HAVE to post some pictures of what you do with your TPT earnings. It would be awesome to see some happy little kids on brand new bicycles. And where all have you traveled with your kids? You are BRAVE! After my twins were born I was so afraid to leave the house with them! LOL.

    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments

    1. Mindy- my sister has twins and that is a totally different traveling game :) My children are 4 years apart, and so that makes a huge difference. We've been all over the United States (but not to the Pacific Northwest or to Wisconsin/Michigan). We've been to lots of islands in the Caribbean and Mexico.

  4. Your last goal is so sweet. I also have saving for college for my daughter on my list. I hated having to pay back loans and worry about it when just starting out.

    Literacy Spark

    1. Saving for college makes me feel like I'm doing something important for the future :) I know you are supposed to save for retirement, and I do that through my "real" job, but the income from TPT lets me save extra :)

  5. Oh Alaska was on my list, too! That's what I am saving money for! I'm also still paying my kid's college debts- wish I had saved when they were little so good for you! Thanks for sharing!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  6. We are big travelers too! We want to get an RV and travel as much of old route 66 as possible. I think my husband wants us to retire to an RV but I'm not so sure about that...

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


  7. This is really a wonderful post.


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