Reading Crew Summer Blog Hop: Writing & a Giveaway!

Writing is probably one of the most challenging subjects for me to teach.  I'm always looking for good resources to help teach the writing traits.

I've used the Crate Traits by Scholastic for the past two school years, and I like how they use picture books to break down the traits.  My school bought it for me, and I like it - BUT I felt like something was missing.  Like it just wasn't enough.  It is kind of hard to explain, but it seemed like it skimmed the surface, and I never felt that it went deep enough.....

Then, this summer I read The Writing Thief and it has given me a different perspective. It was exactly what I needed!  In my opinion, it seems to take the Trait Crate to the next level and makes every book a mentor text for writing.  I SO NEEDED THIS BOOK!!!  The more students think about how authors write and then link these to the traits, the more natural the writing process becomes for students.  I bought the Kindle version, but wished I had the paperback, so I could use it easier.  

If you haven't read it and your school uses the six traits of writing you will love it!!!

The next resource that I like is Writing Workshop by Ralph Fletcher.

On my writing wishlist is Writing Pathways:  Performance Assessments and Learning Progression by Lucky Calkins.  

I bundled my favorite back-to-school items into a great valued bundle!  On Thursday RaffleCopter will pick three winners!  It includes three different label/binder options, plus word wall labels.  It also includes classroom procedures, classroom rules, inspirational quotes, and the newsletter template.

Leave a comment about what you are most excited about in the upcoming school year!  For me, it is seeing all the students :)  


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the resources you like. I will put these on my list (The Writing Thief) sounds like a must buy. You have to visit The Writing Fix if you haven't already. I found the lessons to be in line with how I teach my kids, and I loved the anchor papers for modeling what to do and what not to do. It's great to hear students' thoughts on how they'd change them to make them better. Can't wait to see what ideas you have for vocabulary next week. :-)

  2. I am also enjoying The Writing Thief. Great read!


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