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I have been trying to do the Clutter Free Challenge.
Clutter-Free Classroom
I thought I would post pictures of my "area." I should have taken before pictures, except I started to do this, THEN found out about the challenge.  I only have after pictures. I'm in the computer lab, which is pretty much a public area.  I have a desk and a file cabinet.  I don't have a bookcase, which is the one thing I wish I had.

Over parent teacher conferences I worked really hard to keep things organized.  Since I don't have "regular" students, I go to some meetings, have planning meetings for our school improvement team, and then at night while teachers are meeting with parents, I was able to organize :)

This is what I did:
1.  I went through my stacks of paper and either filed them where they belonged, or I recycled them.

2.  I went through my file cabinet.  One drawer has all my literacy files.  One drawer has all my "school" files.  I cleaned them out!!!!

3. One drawer in my file cabinet has my binders for school (School Improvement, Title 1, Progress Monitoring Data, Common Core) and some professional books that I don't use very often, but are still a great resource. This drawer was in pretty good shape.

3.  My last drawer has supplies.  I have found great uses for the pencil boxes you can get at the beginning of the school super cheap.  I have quite a few and they are labeled. I use them to keep the following:  pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, glue sticks, sticky notes, tabs for dividers, and tape.

4.  My desk area is now pretty clean.  I have a small crate that holds file folders and I use that to keep everything I need for my weekly grade-level collaborations.  Then I keep all the professional books I use on the small top shelf of my desk.

5.  All my pens that are the same color are in the black and pink owl mug :)

6.  I keep my binder clips and my small post it notes in the galvanized owl buckets on top of my file cabinet. 

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