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I love the ABC Magic apps.  They are all free!

ABC Magic is great for practicing letters and sounds. When students play ABC Magic 1, they can repeat the sounds that go with the letters and the pictures.  You'll hear lots of /b/ /b/ /b/ and /d/ /d/ /d/ :)  The little voice on the app is adorable!  There are lots of different versions that cover lots of different levels. Below are screen shots from ABC Magic 3 and ABC Magic 5.  The higher the number, the more challenging the tasks. 

ABC Spelling Magic  is great for practicing sounding out words (more of a phonics game than a spelling game).  This is a screen shot for ABC Spelling 1. There are lots of different versions of this app, as well.  The higher the number, the harder the task.

Here is a screen shot of some photos I took on the iPad of some of the ABC Magic apps.  The top Right is ABC Magic 1, next to it is ABC Spelling Magic 1.  On the second row is ABC Magic 2 and some of the apps in my ABC Magic Folder.

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  1. L'd like to win the itunes gc. We don't have ipads or the like in our school but my family just got a SmartPhone and I'd love to get some apps for my own children (without ads on them). My son is in Kindergarten and I am definitely looking at the apps you mentioned above.

  2. I would love the $25 TPT gift certificate. That would be amazing. Thanks for sharing the app. I think I will try it with my kindergarteners.

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  3. What would I like to win? Anything! Give-aways are so much fun! Thanks for this one, and congrats on the great following!!!

  4. Congratulations! Hope to be the lucky winner! Would love the TPT gift certifcate!

  5. Thanks for the app suggestions! I'm your newest follower. Hmmm...if I win I'd like....any of them! The TpT certificate would be great.

  6. Love the app suggestion! I am trying to get get our principal on board with IPads and need all the app ideas I can get!

  7. Any of the prizes would be great! Thanks for setting this up!

  8. Thanks for the app ideas! They sound great. I entered your giveaway-thanks!
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  9. Love alot of paid apps so would love to win!!!

  10. Congrats on 100 Followers! Thanks for sharing about the apps. I have been looking for some good ones for my kinders!


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