Five for Friday! I'm one happy gal!

Happy Friday!!!

1.  I finished my prelim-exams.  I spent all day yesterday and all day today in a tiny conference room answering questions.  They provided the computer, and I just worked, worked, worked (everything had to be memorized and my brain is completely full).  If I pass (and I hope I do), I will be a Doctoral Candidate!

2. Tomorrow is flag football!  My son loves it.  He caught a pass during the game last week, and at practice he caught a pass and ran it for a touchdown....however, all he wants to do is pull a flag :)

3.  I'm crossing my fingers that our beloved mower works!  It is about 20 years old, and it runs like a Deere...however, it is having a little trouble getting started.  PS- I'm not allowed to mow.  I once ran over a wasp nest (or some bee that builds nests in the ground) and jumped off the mower while it was still running.  I haven't had to mow in about 13 years :)
4.  This week we are having our annual 5k Fun Run/Walk at school.  You know how you end up committees at school...well I always end up on this one.  I love it... the students get so excited about it, and it is very healthy! We have lots of free "fun" fruits and veggies to try out, and I love running with the students.  This year it is going to be bigger and better, and we'll have a bounce house.

5.  Only 6 more days of state testing left!

I hope everyone has a great, relaxing weekend...I know I will!  If you haven't already entered, don't forget to check out the great drawing at The Polished Teacher.  I'm so excited one of my products is in the drawing - it is in the All Around Awesome Prize Pack!


  1. I'm sure you did a great job on the exams! I love that you are having a 5k! We have a walk-a-thon in May. I think it would be great to add a 5k. I cannot wait to hear about it.

    Eclectic Educating

  2. Congrats on finishing your exams!

    The 5K sounds like a great idea!

    Learning in the Little Apple


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