Table Mats

Our school uses cooperative learning.  I've made all sorts of Table Mats for the teachers at my building. 
They are a great way to help with classroom management.  This set will be free through tomorrow night (just click on the picture).  Please leave feedback if you like it :) 

The mats are placed in the center of a group of four desks.  Each student is assigned a number.  To help with classroom management, you can...

  • Call tables by number when lining up, or when students need to move to the carpet.
  • Award team points based on behavior.
  • Since students have a number, in whole group activities, ask all of the same number to stand up.  For example, “All the 2s stand up!”  Another example would be, “I need all the 4s to pick up workbooks for your table.”
  • To mix things up and get students moving, students need to find a partner that is NOT at their table and has a different number than them.

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