Sorting Real Objects- Alphabet

I went into a kindergarten class, and the students were sorting real objects in the word work station...the teacher was able to modify the activity based on level.  For example, one group was sorting based on beginning sound, and another group was sorting by ending sound.  The students sort them on a 30x30 inch mat on the floor that has all the letters on it.

Teachers can also pick out specific letters and only have students find objects that begin with those letters.  In addition, students can draw and write the name of the object they found.

This is the alphabet basket...full of objects from every letter!

You can actually buy kits with lots of objects for every letter these online, but they are kind of expensive (over $100).  To make your own...
1.  Check out your junk drawer (I found a plastic ring, mini-flashlight, heart, card, small ruler, pencil sharpener, eraser- please do not judge).
2.  Dollhouse/Barbie toys or clothes
3.  Sometimes they have erasers that are in the shapes of different objects.
4.  Happy Meal Toys
5.  Birthday Party Treat Bag Toys
6.  The Dollar Store has all sorts of "stuff" in the toy aisle
7.  Foam arts and craft shapes


  1. This is such a great idea and I love how you mentioned how easily it can be differentiated based on the skill need of the students!
    Learning to the Core


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