Linking Up with Doodle Bugs!

 I love linking up with Doodle Bugs!
1.  I am so happy it is Friday.  Tomorrow my son has his first flag football game.  Then we head over to soccer!  Thankfully basketball is done :)  It's not that I don't like basketball, there is just not enough time in the week to add more practices and games.
2.  My daughter got an Instagram account and it stresses me out!  The best thing is that she is friends with everyone's mom (and some of my teacher friends)!!!

3.  DVR's are the best invention EVER!!! I so want to catch up on some DVR shows.  Amazing Race, Survivor, Middle, Modern Family, Big Bang and Person of Interest are all just waiting for me. 

4.  I added more components to my Guided Reading Planning and Organizing Unit, and I've discounted the price for the weekend :)  

5.  This video just makes me smile :)


  1. I absolutely love the video you shared. I have seen it before and forget to add to to our blog. Can't wait to dive into your blog. I am an ELA teacher who loves projects rather than worksheets. I am so glad I found you.


  2. I'm like you with my DVR except mine are movies- every time I get a "free movie weekend," I record all these movies I want to see and then when do I have time to actually watch all those movies?!?! :-P
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