Summer "To Do" List- Linky Party

I am such a list person!!  I kind of am not very good at just relaxing, and I like being busy.  So this is what my summer list looks like.  Summer goes by way too quickly!!!

Vacation Related
Road Trip to Texas
Road Trip to Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park
Road Trip to Angel Fire and Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico

School Related
Move the book room to the new location.
Make sure the new book room is labeled and organized.
Attend 3 days of PD in June (K-2 Reading Intervention)
PLC Conference in Minneapolis in July
School Improvement Meetings (1 day in June, 2 days in July)
Attend 1 day of Kagan Coaching Training in August
Tutoring - Every Monday and Wednesday in June and every Monday in July

These are the labels that I'm going to use to help organize the book room!
Doctorate Related
Finalize manuscript for beginning teacher research (almost done)
Complete Chapter 3 for Dissertation Proposal meeting in August (almost done)
Meet with major professor in June

Activities for my Children
Volleyball Camp (in the evenings)- May
Swimming Lessons (in the morning)- June
Volleyball Games/Practice (now - June 12 Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays)
Dance Recital and Dress Rehearsals (Tuesday and Thursday nights and 9 am lots of mornings on the week of June 3)
Tennis (8 am in July- I just need to pick out the weeks)
Lots of pool time in the afternoon!!!!

Fun Stuff For Me
Read lots of fun books!!!
Run/Walk...I'd like to be up to five miles by the time I go back to school.  However, I'm not really great at pushing myself when it comes to running..once I get too tired, I'd rather just walk!  This will probably be my biggest challenge!!!

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