Sunday Smorgasbord Linky! Big Brother, Scrapbooking, and More!

Here are some totally random thoughts!

1.  Summer goes by way to fast!!!  I think I'm in mourning that tomorrow is July 1st.  My husband says to quit whining and be happy that I have all summer off :)

2.  My list of things to do keeps growing!!! I'm headed down to my craft room in a few minutes.  I like to get caught up with my scrapbooking in the summer, so I'd better get busy!  Last summer I took classes, and I did not do ANY scrapbooking! That means I'm caught up through summer 2011.  This is the first time in 17 years that I've been more than 1 year behind!!!

I have a family album, and then I do a scrapbook for each of my children.  Plus, each child has a "photo" album of pictures throughout the year.  I need to get in GEAR!!!

I have found that if I do online scrapbooking, I stay caught up better.I've had great luck with Scrapping Simply!  I usually print 12x12 pages.  I've done some pages in Photoshop and uploaded them, but I've also used their templates and have been happy.  If anyone else has a great online scrapbooking place that they use, please share!!! My scrapbooks are very average compared to my friends that scrapbook seriously!!! 

3.  I MUST WATCH BIG BROTHER!  This is MAJOR embarrassing, but I love Big Brother!   I haven't even had time to play catch up on the DVR!  I don't know if this year is going to be good or not!  I get pretty into it (not so into it that I vote for the rewards and stuff), but I definitely have my favorites! 

4.  Finally, I'm hoping that the solar lights I bought for our walkway today are good ones!!!! They sure were cute!


  1. I am a huge BIG BROTHER fan! We'll have to chat. :)
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  2. Hi Bridget! I love your blog and am a new follower! I don't scrapbook but boy, do I love the scrapbooking paper! i use it in my classroom for art projects all the time. Expensive but fun!

  3. Oh I'm about 3 years behind. I was working on it at least once a week,but now hmmmmmm not so much. I need to get back to a regular schedule. My boys are going to be in college before I know it. My baby's 15th birthday is today.

  4. That is so funny- you are embarrassed to say you watch Big Brother and I posted on one of the linkies about being embarrassed that I always watch The Bachelor! :)
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