Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

As for Black Friday, I did quite a bit of shopping online!
Best Buy
Amazon (although I'm mad at them for raising their Free Shipping minimum to $35)
Finish Line
Isn't this little puppy adorable!?!?  This was one of the Christmas gifts from my mom to my little guy. Thankfully it is not a real puppy!  He loves playing webkinz! 

On Thanksgiving, I went to Walmart and was able to get a bike!!!!  I got there at 5:45, and was all checked out and home by 6:30!  I'm not a big fan of crowds and I couldn't imagine just going there to shop leisurely, but I was on a mission!  When I got to the bikes there was a huge crowd, and no line or any sort of organization and one employee handing out these cards.  I asked someone in line how this worked and she asked me what I wanted- except it kind of came out, "whattta you wantttt?"  Then she marched right up and got me my card :)  I almost hugged her, except I don't think she was the hugging type!

Yesterday my sister came up and we went to Target, Pier 1, and Michaels.  We didn't leave the house until 11:30 am and it wasn't too busy (I think everyone was home sleeping)! We weren't even looking for deals...just Christmas decorations.  Then last night I went to Bath and Body Works and Lady Foot Locker!

I actually do the shopping for both sets of grandparents, so I got to spend other people's money :)

Monday and Tuesday is the Cyber Monday Sale on Teacher's Pay Teachers.  Don't forget to leave feedback to earn credits!

Thank you Gina from Beach Sand and Lesson Plans for the adorable graphics!!!

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  1. Your shopping story is too funny! I have gone in the past, but chose to sit this year's shopping out. Glad you got the bike!
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