Football Sunday...Flash Freebie and Currently!

I have been doing homework all weekend...although I have managed to take a few breaks to have some family time. 

Today I put on my Facebook page that if the Kansas City Chiefs won today, I would "flash freebie" one of my newest items!  Well they did it!  9-0 :) 

This will be free until 5:30 CST.
I cannot believe this month is November....the month of Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  I'm linking up with Farley!
Last year I was one of the people that loved that stores opened on Thanksgiving night.  We would always wake up early on Black Friday but in the last few years, it got CRAZY early (like 3 am).  It was just too hard to go Black Friday shopping. 

Last year, we had a great family Thanksgiving and went out after the kids were in bed. It was so nice to have all my shopping done by 11:00 at night, and sleep late the next day. Last year I went to Wal-Mart and Target.  My mom stayed with the kids, while my dad, husband, and I divided and conquered. 

I've been doing homework like crazy.  I've been collecting data for my dissertation and right now I'm transcribing data.  IT.IS.NOT.FUN!  Then once I get through this, I'll be okay :) 

I haven't watched TV in weeks.  Tonight we are going to try and watch 2 episodes of the Amazing Race as a family.  Our DVR is filling up :)

I am not a great cook.  My job is to bring wine to events!  That works out best for everyone :) However this recipe from Something Swanky looks yummy.  I have two family members with nut allergies, but it can be made without!!


  1. Haha the last blog I visited said something about needed a fairy too :) Good luck with everything!!

  2. LOL. I was happy my NY Jets won, but so sad my Buffalo Bills lost!

  3. I go Black Friday shopping sometimes too. But sometimes it is a bit too crazy and too early! I kind of like sleeping in that day. Your pin does look yummy!
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