Five For Friday and a Thanksgiving Freebie

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1.  This container of rice saved my watch!  I've had this watch for about seven years, and it was a Christmas present from my husband.  On Tuessday, there was fog under the face of the watch, and I thought that for sure it was ruined.  Twelve hours in a container of rice, and it is as good as new!  I'm not sure if the container of rice was necessary, but I've heard it works well for phones that get wet.  Thankfully, I haven't had to try that!

2.  This is a VERY busy time at my house.  If I'm home before 8pm, it is a good night!!  Volleyball, dance, basketball, and Boy Scouts are keeping me on my toes.  I think my family gets a break on Dec 9th…that's when volleyball and basketball are over.  They are fun to watch, but multiple practices a week makes it hard on this mom!!!!

3. Today this morning we had a dress rehearsal for our music program.  Usually they do this at the end of day, but something happened and it moved to 9:45 am.  This was a great time for me to organize the stack of papers on my desk!!!!  Everything is in it's binder!  That is an awesome feeling!  I think the music teacher will be getting a Starbucks surprise tomorrow!

4.  Boss of Lunch!  Yesterday I was the boss of lunch.  Usually our Title 1 Math teacher is the boss of lunch, and my job is to smile, open milks, and wipe down tables.  She was out sick, and I was in charge!  We always let the students talk until there is five minutes left.  Then it is quiet time so everyone can finish eating.  I'm pretty quiet, and my fear is that I'll have 150 students ignore me!! I used the clicker (that's what we use in the lunchroom to get students attention) and I clicked twice and raised my hand and in about 2 seconds you could hear a pin drop!!!!! The students did an awesome job!!!  The worst thing that happened was someone spilled their pudding right in the middle of the dismissal path (as I was dismissing tables).

5.  This is a Thanksgiving Freebie that includes math and writing! I don't like saying, "I'm not a math person" because as a teacher I shouldn't say that.  You can draw your own conclusions :)  In this freebie you will find fractions written two ways...because I had no clue!!!! Does the picture of the pie represent what is left or what was eaten???  I did it both ways (one of them has to be right)!!!   :)


  1. Lunch duty-ugh! Our cafeteria is sooo loud. You must have students who respect you to get them quiet so fast! Quite a compliment. I remember the days of driving shuttles to and from events. It's exhausting. Happy long weekend

  2. I remember those busy, busy nights after school when my boys were involved in sports. Fun, but tiring times! I am blessed that I no longer have lunch duty at my school. :)
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