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Happy Halloween :) 
 Yesterday was Halloween, and I guess I missed the memo that teachers were not wearing costumes until the party time...Ooops! I was a hippie.  Once I took off my accessories, I just looked like I had really cool clothes on :) 
One of my favorite parts of the day is kindergarten lunch duty.  I put back on my accessories just for lunch duty. Most of the kindergarteners didn't realize I was even in a costume!!!  Except for a few girls at one table.  They called me over and whispered, "we know what you are....a hula girl!" I did some cool hula moves and a few shimmies with jazz hands (with my disposables gloves on), only to realize there was a parent eating with their child staring at me!

1.  I've been busy with data at school.  We've been doing walk-to-intervention and we just got our first round of data. So far we are getting awesome results.  The students love it, and the teachers do too!!!! All grade levels have 30 minutes of specific skill and application practice.  We try and get as many certified teachers teaching groups, and we use our support staff to run practice work stations (these are different than our guided reading work stations).   I'm working with a first grade teacher and we are going to do a little action research on a sight word program we think will really help.  We have a group of seven students and sight words are really holding them back.  Any sight word ideas would be appreciated!

2.  Show Me App...I love this app.  I was visiting another school, and the teacher was using Show Me & QR codes!  The teacher recorded himself teaching some "tricky" math concepts that students had been working on.  When he was doing small groups, if students got stuck, they scanned the QR codes, which took them to the Show Me videos :) 

3.  Store bought mom!  I have been so busy this week...the earliest I've made it home at night this week has been 9 pm.  I didn't have time to make cute treats, so I resorted to store-bought mini cupcakes for my son!

4. Here is my newest freebie :)

5.  Friday Flash Freebie....I feel like a department store putting out Christmas merchandise too early!!!  I figured you could "stock" up early :)  Free until 6pm CST!


  1. Thanks for the freebies. They are awesome!

  2. I love using the Show Me app too! So handy to use in different ways. Thanks for the freebies! I will have to get them downloaded later- internet is moving slow right now!
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  3. Megan & Lori- so glad you liked the freebies :)


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