Currently May

I cannot believe it is May!

The weather is finally nice, and I think I can start wearing sandals! I still was wearing boots this week.  My one big chore is to clean the laundry room and put away all the winter gear!! EXCITING!

We are trying to finalize some summer plans.  We travel quite a bit, and I'm still trying to pick a road will be New Mexico, Colorado, or both!  I've signed my son up for Boy Scout Camp and Football Camp.  My daughter is going to a week long theater camp, as well as volleyball camp.  She will also go to dance camp in the morning on the weeks we are in town!   Except for theater camp, everything is mornings only...which is nice :)

Our treadmill broke this week :(  My husband and I tried to figure out how many miles it had.  We are sure it had over 7,000 miles...maybe more! I'm not sure if that is good or not.  We figured it saved us lots of money in gym memberships, so it was well worth what we paid for it.  Right now I've been running outside. 


  1. I feel the never-ending to do list! We got a gorgeous day here today too, and it's some much needed, long-awaited spring weather! Hope you get to enjoy it all weekend!!

    Emily @ Munchkins Inc.

    1. Thanks, Emily! I plan to enjoy the nice weather at some football games for my son :)

  2. Ha, I just wrote on mine that I wanted the laundry to do itself. I am totally anal and ocd, but for whatever reason, the actual motivating to clean just does not appeal to me, but I love the feeling when it is completed! We've had good weather here too, I can only imagine how much warmer it will get. I hope your summer plans get finalized. That's always so much fun!
    - Sydney
    Lessons Learned

    1. I've been doing laundry all night! The part that I don't like is the folding/putting away :) Enjoy your weekend!!!


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