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This is my first Blog Hop and I'm so excited :)  Please make sure you check out the other blogs and register for the giftcards!  On May 5th there will be a $20 TPT gift card given away!  Today, as part of the Blog Hop, we are sharing about a special teacher.

I have always loved school.  I'm pretty much a major nerd :)  I went to college not knowing what I wanted to be growing up.  In fact, I didn't decide on education until my junior year.  I was actually a computer science major, and I ended up with a double major.

I moved quite a bit, and I don't think I ever had a teacher I didn't like.  Reflecting back, I would say that all my teachers had the following qualities:
  • High standards
  • Loved students
  • Loved teaching
  • Experts in their subject area
  • Believed that all students could be successful.
I even had a PE teacher that was able to convince me that I was athletic!  That took quite a bit of work on his part!

I have zero pictures from my childhood (they are all at my moms), but here is one that a friend posted on Facebook of us in 1987!  I am still friends with most of my classmates (even though I moved a year after the picture was taken) and I am Facebook friends with the teacher :)  In fact, she was the reason why I enjoyed math so much in high school and college :)

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  1. Bridget,
    I can't figure out which student is you in the picture. Do tell! I think the qualities you mentioned make for an outstanding teacher!

    1. I am in the first row of girls that are standing, and I am second from the right :)

    2. Thanks for solving the mystery. Your picture is super cute!

  2. Thank you so much for joining our hop! I think that believing in your students is one of the best qualities a teacher can have!

  3. Love getting tagged in those old school pics on fb! my fave part of your post is the part about the gym teacher! :-)
    Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!
    BigTime Literacy

  4. I can relate to all the pictures being at your mom's house. Mine are too! I decided to just focus on my kids, and for them, it was hard to limit. I decided to post pictures from kindergarten...so cute! So glad you joined in on the fun, Bridget!

  5. All of my pictures are at my parents' house too, except for the ones I took off with a while back! Moving around a lot had to be hard. I remember moving just before 8th grade, and that was tough. The qualities of a great teacher are perfect! I always hope that my children have teachers like you described.

    Reading Toward the Stars


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