Tried it Tuesday! Interactive Notebooks

I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Flipper today!!!  
I've been using interactive notebooks this spring with tutoring groups in kindergarten and first grade :)

The students love them!!!!  They are engaging, fun, and they are practicing lots of literacy skills :)  I try to incorporate writing into them as much as I can.  I have a strong belief that reading and writing need to be taught together.  The pictures below are from two different interactive journals that include lots of sight word reading and cvc word reading


  1. I LOVE Interactive Notebooks!
    I am still exploring with them. If you do a table of contents I highly recommend an already made template for them to glue so they can write the topic on the number space. I did not do that this year but definitely wish I had.

    I love that kids are writing as well!! A great two bird with one stone!
    In each interactive notebook I have a personal word wall. When a student does not know how to spell a word they come to me and I write it in their word wall. This way they can refer back to strengthen their knowledge of the word. It works in my 3rd grade classroom and might with your little ones. :)

    I can't remember where I got my template but here is a blog post with a free template:


    1. Thank you for your suggestion about the table of contents!

  2. Fun! It's great for students to be learning how to use INs early. I'm an upper teacher and trying to implement INs has been frustrating for me due to management! I'm going to try again next year!

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    1. :) I'm glad you are going to try again next year! Hopefully you'll be happier with the results! It is great that you didn't give up on them!!!! :)


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