Summer Wish List- Top 10

1)  Pool time!!  Last summer we went to the pool almost every day we were home.  It was so much fun for my children.  They requested lots of pool time this summer.

2)  I believe I will be chauffeuring quite a bit.  We have lots of morning camps this, football, Boy Scouts, theater!
3)  I plan to continue to run.  Last summer I did the Squat Challenge, and I think I will do it again!  I also plan to run the Castaway Cay- 5K in June :)

4)  Barnes & Noble...this is a favorite hangout for the kids and me!

5)  Hike at Badlands National Park.  

I like to go to a new place each summer.  This year, I'm taking a road trip to South Dakota with my children!  We love to hike, so the Badlands National Park looked like the perfect place to visit.

6)  We also plan to visit Mount Rushmore!

7-10) Household Projects
I've bought two desks at garage sales that I was planning on refurbishing!  I also MUST organize my children's school memories.  I'm awesome at keeping up with their scrapbooks, but all of the "stuff" I've save from school are in two giant under-the-bed Rubbermaid tubs!   I've also been looking at some fun Pinterest projects for my house!  Here is just one of the "fun" things I've pinned :)


  1. I love visiting B & N! It's so easy to spend the entire day there! Enjoy your summer!

    Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

    Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

  2. Looks like you have a busy summer ahead! I also want to take a trip with the family to Mt. Rushmore...but our summer is already booked up!

    Mind Sparks

    1. It always seems like there will be so much time to get everything done in the summer...but it goes by so fast!!!

  3. I want to go hiking with you! One summer I started scrapbooking all my kid's photos. It took several summers to get finished all the way to their graduations from high school. Now, I wish I had been able to do it all digitally! Have fun at the pool!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. You will love the Badlands and Mt/ Rushmore. We just got home today from the Black Hills. We live in South Dakota and go out there every year. It's about a 250 mile drive for us. Not sure where you are from but if you travel on I-90 and go past a town called Plankinton, honk... That's my hometown and where I teach. By the way my sister's name is Bridget and is spelled the same way. :) Enjoy your trip! Liz


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