This and That Boxes for Organizing

I completed my first summer project :)

We have a new little furniture store that opened up close to where my daughter takes dance.  They had these ADORABLE boxes that had "This" "and" "That" labels.  Unfortunately, they were $35.  Before I bought them, I'd thought I'd see if I could make some. 

I went to Michael's today and found three photo boxes (similar colors, different patterns) for $1.42 each.  Then I found some thicker paper for 59 cents to use for the labels.

I made labels on the computer, and voila...I had my boxes!!!! The labels measure 2.5 inches across and are 1 inch tall. 

These boxes are so versatile!  
They are storing DVDS, my children's markers/crayons/twistables, and CDs.

In a classroom, they could be used to store art supplies, scraps of paper, and even guided reading books!  For the classroom, I would have the labels say exactly what was inside of the box, otherwise I'd go a little crazy trying to find what I needed :) 

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