Five for Friday

Here is my Five for Friday :)

1.  It is my in-laws 50th Anniversary today :)  We are having a small party for them tomorrow :)

2.  Crazy Thursday!!  Summer is supposed to be relaxing, but yesterday was INSANE! 
Dance dress rehearsal
Dance dress rehearsal Part 2
Piano Lessons
Quick dinner
Boy Scout Camp

My day started at 9am and didn't end until 9pm.

While we were at the dentist, my son handed me this :)

3.  Look at this crazy sign!  I found this new health food store, and I've never seen anything quite like this!  They did have Udi's Gluten free cookies at a GREAT price :)

4.  Boy Scout camp has been a blast!  I've never been before, and I've been able to participate...the theme is Medieval Times.   I've been able to both help and practice archery and BB gun shooting every night!  Then there are games and crafts!  Even though it has been in the 90s, it is nice and cool by the lake.  Today we are working on building a safe cocoon for an it can survive a catapult.  In the picture is the team mascot! It is a dragon made out of plastic pop containers, foam, and milk cartons.

5.  Dance recital.  My daughters favorite time of the year.  She loves EVERY minute of it.  This year she is in four dances...hip hop, lyrical, and two jazz dances.  She recently cut 11 inches off of her hair for Locks of Love, and I can still get it into a high bun (with lots of bobby pins)- 42 to be exact.


  1. I love your title--Literacy without worksheets. I will need to look through your blog--because I love it!

  2. 50 years is awesome, congrats! My in-laws will hit that soon, thanks, I need to check that out :) btw, I love your blog design, Megan will soon be working on mine, yay!
    First Grade Dual

    1. Megan is AMAZING :) You will love the results :) :)

  3. I know you're busy, but what a great change of pace to spend time with your kiddos! Enjoy every moment! :-)

  4. Sounds like quite the busy start to your summer! Hopefully you can get a little bit of relaxation soon! I'm trying to spread the word - sorry for the shameless plug - I'm starting a new linky party for the summer called Sell It Saturday. I have a smaller blog, but if you're ever interested in joining in, that'd be great!

    Teaching In A Nutshell


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