Made it Monday- Succulents and Organizing

I'm super excited to link up with 4th Grade Frolics and Made it Monday!

I am out of school and I wanted to try and make a pot of succulents :)  I had the BEST intentions!  But in reality, my first Made it Monday of summer is kind of an epic will see why below...

I took my two children (age 11 and 7) to Lowes.  The sales lady helped me get a bag of the correct potting soil for succulents ($4.97) and rocks for the top of the soil ($4.97).  My daughter found a beautiful ceramic pot for $6.97.  My son was picking out adorable little plants ($2.98) each.  My cart was full, and we were headed to the checkout counter in the garden center.  All of the sudden, my daughter shouts, "look at this!"

Sure enough there is an adorable pot with three succulents in it for $5.68!  Since this is my first time ever attempting it, I looked at my cart filled with $30 of supplies and then I looked at the adorable pot already made.  It was at that instant, I abandoned the idea of making my own pot of succulents, and caved in and bought a the "ready made" one!  It is just perfect for me while I learn how to take care of succulents.

Even though my "Made it Monday" really turned into a "Buy it Monday,"  I learned quite a bit from the sales lady that helped us.

Succulent Tips:
1.  Thirty minutes after you water your succulents, drain out any water that is left in the pot (kind of tip it sideways, holding the dirt/rocks and plants in place, but let the water drain out).

2.  If they start to yellow, it means they are getting too much sun.

3.  In the summer, they need to be watered about once a week.

Now, this one I really did make :)  I blogged about it a while ago.  It was so much fun and I love how it looks!
We have a new little furniture store that opened up close to where my daughter takes dance.  They had these ADORABLE boxes that had "This" "and" "That" labels.  Unfortunately, they were $35.  Before I bought them, I'd thought I'd see if I could make some. 

I went to Michael's today and found three photo boxes (similar colors, different patterns) for $1.42 each.  Then I found some thicker paper for 59 cents to use for the labels.

I made labels on the computer, and voila...I had my boxes!!!! The labels measure 2.5 inches across and are 1 inch tall. 

These boxes are so versatile!  
They are storing DVDS, my children's markers/crayons/twistables, and CDs.

***If you haven't noticed based on my two "Made it Monday" ideas, I'm pretty frugal :)  That's a nice way of saying, "I'm cheap!"  :)


  1. Haha! This is too funny:) Love your "bought" made it. I LOVE succulents....if you look back at some of my made its from last year, I planted up several different pots. They are all still alive and doing great:) They are in my backyard in the full sun and half the time I forget about them:) Another good thing about succulents....if part breaks off, stick it back in the dirt and it will grow:) Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I had no idea that if a part broke off, you could just stick it back in the dirt!! THANK YOU for that amazing tip!

  3. So funny! My mother-in-law gives us succulents each Easter as an easter gift. I have two boys at home who tend to destroy anything that's not in the ground (and even a few things that are in the ground), so they don't last long! I love your pot, though!

    What I Have Learned

    1. Fingers crossed that they last!!!!

  4. Your site growing Rapidly because you have much batter ideas so thanks for panels for schools


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