Made it Monday: Tshirts & Essential Oils for the Bath

I'm super excited to link up with 4th Grade Frolics and Made it Monday!
This week it was rainy, and I had fun :)  I set out a WHOLE bunch of crafts on the kitchen table (beads, dots, scrapbook paper, ribbon, glue, foam, and more) and my children had a BLAST.  I was able to do some adult crafts :)

I like using essential oils.  I don't eat them (just thought I'd throw that out there)!  I have a Pinterest Board, and I tried making two exciting bath products.

1)  Lavender Bath Salts

This was AMAZING!  I got the recipe from Real Food Enthusiast.  The labels are from Lia Griffith.  The whole bathroom smells amazing when I use it!

2 cups epsom salts
10-20 drops lavender essential oil

Add the epsom salts to a mixing bowl and break up any clumps.
Stir in the essential oils. Store in an airtight container.

2)  Peppermint Sugar Scrub.

I didn't love it!  It was kind of a flop.  I think I'll stick with my Bath & Body Works Scrub.  There is something about the texture that wasn't quite right.

We are going on a big trip with extended family and I made tshirts for everyone.  I really like the Hanes brand transfer paper (from Hobby Lobby).  I used PowerPoint...imported the picture, added the text, horizontally flipped the text*, and printed!  Then I ironed it on.

*To horizontally flip the text (mirror image) in PowerPoint, copy the text and paste it as a picture.  Then under the rotate button, you can click "flip horizontally." 

Advice:  If you use white text, it turns the color of the t-shirt.  My pink t-shirts ended up with kind of pink text instead of white text. 

Then I made more t-shirts with rhinestones for Pirate Night.  Being a dance mom comes in handy ;)


  1. Love those t-shirts! I bet your family is so excited!


  2. Your t-shirts are super cute. I had no idea you could do that with pictures...on your own. I will need to look for those transfers next time I go to Hobby Lobby.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. I don't think they ever go on sale- so you can use a 40 percent off coupon :)

  3. I really like the t-shirts. They are so cute! :) :)

  4. The lavender scrub sounds awesome! I love that scent! Loved your 'disclaimer!!' Hahaha!


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