Sunday Smorgasboard: Academic Bracelets and More!

I'm linking up with Michelle at Fabulous in First for Smorgasboard Sunday

1)  I made these bracelets with students that were struggling with either beginning sounds, blending cvc words, or sight words

2)  I have an eye infection.  Not a gross kind that keeps you home from school!!!  I didn't even know I had it!  I went to get new contacts, and I found out. I guess that there is an infection on my cornea and now I'm wearing my glasses (NOT COOL)!   Hopefully, when I go back on Thursday for a recheck, it will be all gone.  He did tell me that he was pretty sure it wasn't my contacts that caused it!  THANK GOODNESS!  I love my contacts!

My prescription hasn't changed in 7 years, so I decided to get new glasses.  Which only get worn during emergencies (like cornea infections).

These are my new glasses.  They were kind of fun, smart, cool, and sophisticated rolled into one :)  Okay, I'm not kidding anyone...they are still glasses!

3)  My son is having his first EVER sleepover at Great Wolf Lodge.  I've never been, but it looks AMAZING! I miss him terribly!!!! I almost asked if they would take me!

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