Book Talk Tuesday: Bad Kitty

I believe there is a book out there than can "hook" every child.  Lots of children like to read, but I want children to LOVE to read.  My son (will be in 2nd grade) likes to read. We read every night and he looks forward to reading at night, but I knew deep down that he didn't "love" to read.  I tried EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING to find the one book that would help him love to read.

Last week his sister gave him Bad Kitty Gets a Bath.  OH.MY.GOODNESS!! We read that book together and couldn't wait to read more.  Then read Bad Kitty Goes to School on Thursday and Friday last week ALL.BY.HIMSELF!!!  He would talk about it- making predictions out loud- telling us he couldn't believe that kitty would do that.  He would LOL when he was reading it.  His face would break out in a grin as he was reading! You could just tell he was having fun! This week he has started Bad Kitty Runs for President. 

I'm a super proud and happy mom :)


  1. I will have to check these books out to encourage reluctant reader in my class!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. I would call them a graphic novel for little ones :) I think they will like them. I found that reading one out loud first seems to help get them excited :)


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