Made it Monday: Home Remodel and Organizing Memories

This project was fun and saved a TON of money.  We are remodeling our house and I really liked our hardware in the bathroom, except that it was from 1986!  I bought some metal primer and brushed nickel spray paint. 
 I bought the supplies at Lowes.  First, I sanded the handles with 220 fine sand paper.  Then I added a coat of primer.  Once that dried, I used 2-3 coats of the brushed silver spray paint. Finally, when that  dried, I used a clear coat finish to protect it.  I'm happy I reused what I had for the bathrooms.  I love the way it came out :) 
One of my goals has been to organize my children's "memories."  I don't save everything...maybe 3-4 things a month (but that adds up)!  While I was working on my doctorate, everything was just stuck in an under-the-bed-rubbermade-tub!
I've looked at all sorts of "systems" and I really liked the binders.  I just used binders and page protectors.   I did them two years at a time.  My children have been helping me fill their binders.  We aren't done, yet!  This has been our "rainy day" or "too cool for the pool" project.  However, we are in a drought, so this project may take longer than I thought to complete!

The goal is to have the tub under the bed store memories like special tshirts and things that are too big for the binder.  The picture below is from my is way too cute to not save, and it can't fit in the binder.


  1. The bathroom hardware turned out great. The memory books are adorable. What a great way to store your children's treasures!

    Fit to be Fourth

  2. I am so glad I am not the only mom with bins of memories. I think I saved every paper from both my girls. I have been slowly buying binders and page protectors of make this happen. Thanks for making me not feel alone in this project.

    Kovescence of the Mind

  3. I love the hardware! I would love to do that to my kitchen drawer pulls and door pulls, but I'd also have to do hinges. It would be quite a job! Thanks for the idea!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. I'm going to buy the hinges! The problems is installing them - LOL! :)

  4. Wow! My daughter's name is Ann Claire, too! Besides! Mine, there is another one a year younger at her elementary school. Do you call her both names together?

  5. Your handles turned out wonderfully! They look like they were purchased that way. Great binder system for preserving memories as well. Thanks for sharing your ideas!



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