Five for Friday- Quest for the Perfect Teacher Bag!

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1.  Pool Days :)  This has been a great week to get some extra pool time in :)

2.  I'm on the quest for the perfect school bag.  I have ordered three.  It must fit the following:
Little Make-up Bag

It can have straps that are rolled because they hurt my shoulders :(  I'm very short, so it has to not be bigger than me :) 

3.  I love the Target Cartwheel!  I have saved so much money on "stuff" I normally would buy!

4.  I've been doing a GREAT job working out this summer!!!! I decided to make time every day, and I've been able to stick to it!  I'm hoping that when school starts I can keep it up!!!  I've been using this app to help improve my running.  I use it on days when I sprint :)

5.  I'm loving all the blog posts about Stich Fix!  I might have to look into it :) How cool to have your own personal stylist :)


  1. All of those teacher bags look awesome! Hopefully one of them will work for you. I've been using the Cartwheel app recently (when I remember) and love it. Now I need to download the 5k app!

    My Carolina Classroom

    1. I also have to remember. I've been finding that lots of times items that are on sale also have an extra % off with Cartwheel :) I LOVE THAT!!!

  2. I don't use a teacher bag although I desperately need one! I am so bad about just carrying by junk in my arms and setting it down in the passenger seat when I get into the car. But a lot of teachers at my school use Vera Bradley bags. Something to think about! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I will check them out. THANK YOU :)

  3. I'm working on this list of things I need to do and buy, I need a new teacher bag too! Thanks for the reminder!

    Camp Kindergarten

  4. I'm always on the search for the perfect school bag - and I'm convinced it doesn't exist! haha Stitch Fix is a lot of fun, I did one! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook

    1. I can't wait to see your big giveaway! I'm pretty sure the perfect bag doesn't exist :)

  5. The quest for the perfect teacher bag is neverending! Once school starts, I hope to keep up my workouts too:).

  6. Oh ladies, you are all so silly. The perfect teacher bag DOES exist. Haven't you heard of Thirty-One?! Perfect teacher bags are the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote, the Retro Metro Foldover, The Retro Metro Bag, Organizing Utility Tote, Super Organizing Tote. I could go on and on :)

    Yes, I sell it. No, I am not ashamed to plug the products because they RAWK. :)

    The Caffeinated Teacher
    Thirty-One Goodness

    1. I will check them out!! I love the name "Retro Metro" :)


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