Guided Reading Binder: Getting Organized Before School Starts

I like getting ahead start in planning :)  It seems like once school starts, I'm always five steps behind! Today for Thifty Thursday, I'm sharing my guided reading binder!!  Below are some examples of how I use it for planning workstations.
1.  In my district we have multiple scope and sequence spreadsheets and curriculum design maps.  To help with planning, I like to look at one month a time and I like having everything on one page...not on 12 different documents.   I would say it takes about 10-15 minutes to put this together, but in the long run, it saves so much time!

2.  Then I can start looking at work stations for the entire month.  For me, having all the skills that need to be taught on one page, really make planning much easier.  This helps me make sure I'm not forgetting anything and that I'm ensuring that the work stations are tied to the core instruction.

3.  Finally, I can start looking at planning workstations for the week.

My Guided Reading Binder Organizer has all these templates (many are editable and also include a PDF version).  I've only talked about the planning component :)  There are also data collection documents, lesson planning forms, workstation management, and more!!!

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  1. Ohhhhh, your binder looks lovely!!! I just put it into my cart. Thanks for sharing a tiny bit about how you use it.


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