Five for Friday- Vacation Review

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1.  I loved being on vacation.  We were gone for 16 days and we had a blast!!!  I was the photographer while my children and husband were parasailing in Mexico.  I've been parasailing before...but this was different.  I was a NERVOUS WRECK because my husband found a vendor on the beach and made a "great deal" with him!

2.  I did a 5k in the Bahamas.  IT. WAS. HOT!  But I finished (and I ran more than I thought I would).  It was also my 11 year olds first 5k :)  We both got medals that said "winner" :)  I was just glad I wasn't last!

3.  The World Cup Soccer was very exciting to watch.  I'm so sad that the United States lost, but they did AMAZING!!!  We watched games in bars all over the Caribbean.   In Jamaica, people have been hanging flags on their mailbox (or tree), to show their spirit!  Everywhere we went, Brazil was the top choice.  I love this photo I the middle of nowhere, in Jamaica, this family was cheering for Germany!

4.  I love the Cayman Islands.  Before we had children, my husband and I considered moving there!  After a day at the beach, we watched more soccer at Margaritaville. 

5.  I bought this tshirt in Jamaica.  It is so NOT me.  I'm Miss Just Do It Five Minutes Ago!


  1. Looks like an amazing trip! I would have been a nervous wreck with the parasailing, but the pic you took is gorge! :-)
    BigTime Literacy

    1. I was mega nervous!!! I'm a little adventurous, but my husband and children are MEGA adventurous :)

  2. Hi! I found you through 5 for Friday. You have great pics from your trip!!! I love your Jamaican shirt. That IS so me. Like right now when I'm on the computer and not cleaning the bathrooms or doing laundry or walking the dog. It will all get done...later =)

    Kindergarten Teacher at the Wheel

    1. I'm loving my tshirt :) It is perfect for summer!

  3. I love the parasailing photo! Great shot! We went parasailing about ten years ago and I loved it. Unfortunately we don't have a picture because the guy in the boat forgot to take one!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. I was lucky they let me ride and take pictures. The guy kept saying, "take more pictures" and I kept saying, "are you paying attention?" He would watch them parasail, and not look where he was driving the boat! YIKES!


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