Awesome uses for Sticky Notes- App

I like using the Sticky App in all grades!  We've been using the free version in some literacy work stations.  It works fine for right now, but ideally, if students have to share iPads, the full version would be much easier.   If multiple students have to share an iPad, students can create their own notebooks in the app.

Unfortunately, the free app limits you to two notebooks.   I also have students take pictures of their projects and they can email it to themselves and me.

We've used it to have students practice word families.  Having students practice writing word families on regular sticky notes can get kind of expensive.  This is a great alternative. 

It can also be used to help students organize their writing.  Once students have all their sticky notes, they can drag them and arrange them into categories (or paragraphs). 

Other Ideas For Sticky Notes:
  • Writing summaries
  • Coding Text as Students Read Independently (What Questions They Have, New Learning, Confirming Predictions)

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  1. Love the app idea....I am def. going to use that in my classroom......especially using it for word work! :) I wonder how expensive the paid app is?!?!

    Mind Sparks


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