My Erin Condren planner

There are some things you must know about me before you contine.
1) I'm already pretty organized.
2) I'm a minimalist.
3) I have to use my iPad at work
4) Before I got my planner, I used a school calendar, pocket calendar, iPhone calendar, traditional family calendar at home, weekly planning board for my children's activities, weekly menu planning board, spreadsheets to log workouts, iPhone reminders, a journal for TPT and blog ideas, and lots of sticky notes.  That's 10 different ways to keep organized!

I also can get easily stressed if it looks like I have 10,000 things to do!!

Below is how I use my EC planner.

1) the monthly planning pages are for my workouts. I plan my workouts and then record what I actually did.  On the right side I write down goals or things I want to accomplish.  This can include blogging and Teacher's Pay Teacher's products.

On the Weekly Pages I do the following:

1) I changed the Goal Section to Menu.  I use a red pen for this.

2) Morning part is for HOME and FAMILY (a good example is doctor appointments or field trips or special things need for my children to bring to, snacks, etc).  These are activities that MUST be done or have a deadline.  I do this in black.

3) Afternoon part is for SCHOOL (any before/school after school meetings, special team meetings, etc).  I do this part in green (our school color).

4) Evening part are my CHILDRENS AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES (sports, practice, piano, dance, Boy Scouts).  I use black again.  

Anything in pink along the bottom are weekly "to do" things, but nothing that is life or death.  Things like...send pictures to Walmart, Sams Club run, clean out front closet, etc.

I still use my iPhone calendar for MAJOR events...It is now my back-up plan :)

Every Sunday, I still update our family planning board. This way my children know what is going on.

I've eliminated the following:
Running spreadsheet
School calendar
Pocket calendar
Weekly menu planning board
Journal for TPT and Blog

I've been using it for a month and a half, and it has kept me so organized.  Looking at next week, my life gets officially, dance, Boy Scouts, piano, and volleyball (I'm the coach)! 

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  1. Wow– thank you so much for taking the time to write this fabulous blog review! We’ve truly enjoyed reading your thoughts on how you use your LP and are so happy that you have found a way to make it work for your busy schedule. Looks like you have a lot on your plate and we are so happy we could help make life a little more organized! We hope to see many more of your reviews in the future… we owe our success to loyal fans/ customers like you! thanks again for your thoughtful review!!
    P.S. just pinned to our Pinterest review board…  
    Thanks again, Bridget!
    The Erin Condren Team


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