Pocket Chart Workstation and Learning Logs

I love having a Pocket Chart Workstation.  They can easily be switched out to match the skills students are being taught.  The Pocket Chart Workstation is perfect in conjunction with a Learning Log.
Students keep track of their activities in their Learning Logs.  I learned about Learning Logs (that's what the presenter called them) at a workshop from the University of Arkansas.  Each workstation gets it's own page in the log, and students always include date and the title of the workstation.  They are an easy way to keep students accountable for their workstation, without lots of paper.  Students take their Learning Log to each workstation.  As you can see in the pictures below, at the beginning of the year, students could probably put two workstations on a single page.


I usually have a basket of colored pens for students to use at the workstations.  Students love getting a choice!  I'm always surprised when they pick blue :)


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  1. Great ideas, Bridget! I love using my pocket chart too. I like the idea of them keeping their learning in a log as they travel to the different stations.
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