10 Things About Me

I'm excited to participate in the Let's Talk About Me linky!

This will be fast and furious because I have meet the teacher night tonight and a huge assignment due tomorrow!

1.  I've lived all over the United States.  I like living by the ocean the best.

2.  Amazing Race is my favorite tv show.  I've auditioned, but did not make it (yet)!

3.  We love to travel.  Some of my favorite places to visit
St. Kitts
British Virgin Island
Angel Fire, New Mexico
New York City
Mystic, Conn

My wish list of places to visit are the following:
New Zealand

4.  I have been married for 17 years, and have two children :)

5.  My daughter and I cannot eat gluten. 

6.  Cooking is my least favorite activity in the entire world!  Since I don't enjoy cooking, I only cook one thing for dinner.  If I make spaghetti...we have gluten free pasta and regular pasta, but the same sauce.  I have been able to find lots of YUMMY meals that are actually gluten free that everyone enjoys!

7.  Books!  I love books!  I read all sorts of books, but I really like books that make you think and have deep moral dilemmas.

8. If I wasn't a teacher, I would love to a dancer.  Does this mean I can dance, NO!  I have an incredible appreciation of the time, dedication, and talent involved.  It is so artistic and beautiful when performed, and.....I'd stay in pretty good shape!

9.  I am a girly, girl!  I love purses, shoes, shopping, manicures, accessories, and more!!!

10.  I do not like drama!  I avoid conflict if at all possible, and I want everyone to be happy :)

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