Five for Friday

1.  My friend posted this on her Facebook page, and I thought it was a great inspirational quote.

2.  Kindergarten lunch duty!!! Yesterday was a super busy day.  I had no idea that someone must have spilled their lunch on me until I sat down in my car!  That was when I noticed my pants had salsa and pineapple all over them!! AHHHH!  Today I was extra careful. 

3.  My children go back next week, and I've had the worst time finding some shoes for my daughter! They have to wear tennis shoes.  Her basketball/volleyball shoes still fit, but she really wanted a new pair.  We finally found a pair :) We found these at Kohls and with the $10 Kohls cash from my mother-in-law and 30% off....I paid $15.99 including tax :)
4.  This week has been hard because my children are still out of school.  I MUST, MUST, MUST plan a menu and get my act together!!!!  Any suggestions (or apps that could help me) would greatly be appreciated!  PS I don't like to cook or grocery shop :)

5.  Sunday and Monday is the BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!  I love this banner made by Meredith Anderson

Don't forget to leave feedback on items you have previously purchased.  Those feedback credits are a great way to get additional discounts!

These are my favorite "Literacy" products in my store!
Essential Skills Bundle helps practice skills that are assessed by Dibels.  It includes First Sound, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, and Nonsense Word practice. 

This final product is my favorite set in my whole store :)  My dissertation involves the new literacies of online reading and research.  This package covers the skills needed to teach students how to be successful online readers and researchers. This set covers Common Core State Standards for Reading: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas; Writing: Text Types and Purposes; Writing: Research to Build and Present Knowledge.



  1. I actually love to grocery shop. ( I know, I know, its weird.) :) I am going to *try* prepping for the week on Sunday and hopefully that will help with some of the mealtime craziness. I also like to look at Pinterest to try and get inspiration for dinners.
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  2. Your story about food all over your pants at the end of the day made me smile. My apron is the first thing I put on every day. My problem is I forget to take it off before I go into the bank or the store! Don't you just love those sales at Kohl's?

  3. That is a sign of a very busy day that you didn't even notice someone had spilled on your pants! I hope your days get a bit less crazy!
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  4. That quote is wonderful! Mother Theresa was a wise woman!!
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