Three Days Left: Linking up with Doodle Bugs

Linking up with Doodle Bugs  and reflecting on my summer.

1.  I read lots of fun books and two professional books.  My favorite fun book was Wonder!  It is about a fifth grade boy who goes to school for the first time!! An AMAZING story.  I loved the two professional books I read.  I'm working on reviews for them, that I'll post next week!

2.  We had lots of pool time!  However, I don't get to relax by the pool, because my son is six, and he likes staying in the 4 foot section playing with his diving sticks.  So we hang out together!

3.  I did lots of cleaning and organizing around the house.  In fact, I had to buy more label maker tape! My last supply lasted a few years! 

4.  I had an amazing time traveling!! This year was the first time since 2010 we didn't leave the United States for our summer vacation.  This was one of my favorite vacation pictures after a storm in the mountain!  It was about 7:45 pm, and the sun was setting.


5.  I'm going to savor these last few days, and as Sheryl Crow says, "soak up the sun!"


  1. I'll never forget chasing my two little ones around the pool while friends with older kids sat in chaise lounges reading books. I thought I'd never get there. Now that I am, I miss my little boys. Enjoy!

  2. I just recently read "Wonder" as well after seeing it all over blogs and Instagram. Such a great book! Have a great school year! :o)



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