Taming the Wild and a Freebie!

Taming the Wild...Here is a freebie to help with your behavior management plan.  This is my behavior management clip chart.  You can download it for free!
I also believe in being very positive.   Positive reinforcement combined with feedback about what they are doing right as well as what needs to be corrected is critical.  Students love recognition for positive behavior, and they also LOVE when their parents get a phone call home telling them how great their child's behavior has been!
I am a HUGE fan of having procedures.  Procedures for EVERYTHING!  In fact my older students will tell anyone that asks that I am a control freak :)  I tell them I just want things orderly and organized and everyone needs to know what to do.  Today my procedure pack will be half off!!


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  1. I agree with you. I am a procedure nut at the beginning of the year! I feel like my walls are full of procedural anchor charts! But it is always worth it when the kiddos know what to expect throughout the year in every aspect of the day!

    The Second Grade Superkids


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