Friday Freebie & Five For Friday Linky Party

1. I survived the first night of my last semester of class!  It takes about 1 hour and ten minutes to get to the university, and thankfully class ended on time, so I was able to pick up my daughter from dance!  I hate driving home in the dark by myself :(  I have lots of work this semester, and hope I survive and don't drive my family crazy in the process (I should be working on my Mixed Method's Research presentation, but this is more fun)!

2. I wanted to share what one of the first grade classes made at my school for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  All the students started out with the same color paints in a cup.  Then they had to mix more paints to match the color of their hand.  The point of the activity is that everyone started out with the same colors in their cups.  She said she has been doing this for years....long before Pinterest was ever invented :)

3. My Friday Freebie are labels to help organize your leveled library.  I'm am responsible for our book room.  When I started my job five years ago, we didn't have a book room for teachers.  Right now it is not picture worthy!  It started out the year in AWESOME shape, and then we received about 2000-3000 books from a school that had closed.  It had been a Reading First school, so they had awesome resources.  Over parent teacher conferences, one of my projects is to work on it and get it back to perfection :)  The picture below shows a cart of books. I laminated the labels and put them on cardstock.

Click here to download until 8pm tonight.  If you like today's freebie, please leave feedback :)

4.  My blog is under construction!  Pretty soon, you will see a nice new Literacy Without Worksheets.  I'm so excited that I found Honey Bunch Blog Design!!! I actually picked out a premade template!  I cannot wait until it is ready!

5.  I am still cleaning like crazy.  One day this week we had 53 students out.  I will be so happy when this influenza bug is gone!!!!

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  1. Pass those Clorox wipes over here! My classroom is infected too! :( I came home early today myself! ;( UGH...being sick stinks, doesn't it? :( Your craftivity for MLK day was really nice. :) Thanks for sharing it! ;) I found you through the Five for Friday Linky and I am your newest follower...good ole' number 55! :) Can't wait to hear more about your worksheet free adventures! ;)
    Mrs. Russell's Room-First Grade

  2. I love that MLK project. I have had 6 kids out of my classroom everyday this week. I was amazed how many kids came to school without jackets - in the rain. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess

  3. Oh no! I hope the flu is gone soon. I just found your blog through the Five on Friday linky. Love the blog name! :) Lattes and Laughter


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