Overwhelming Teachers!

As a literacy coach, this is what I try NOT to do.  I think this is the hardest part of my job for me personally.  These are my rules that I try very hard to follow:
1.  The teacher is the boss of their classroom.
2.  Let the teacher's come up with ideas that will work for them, instead of telling them what to do.  If they ask for help, offer a menu of ideas.
3.  Support teachers so they feel confident and empowered about teaching!
4.  Always see the glass as half-full, no matter how difficult this might be.
5.  Ask teachers reflective questions that will help them grow professionally and build their teaching capacity.

I love every teacher that I work with!  They are all incredibly gifted and very talented at what they do!

As a teacher, what do you want from your literacy coach?


  1. exactly what you just described! Someone who is supportive, open to my ideas but also has other ideas to give (I'm always looks for ways to make my instruction better). Someone who is open and who I feel comfortable talking to if I have any questions about literacy. I love my literacy coach! She's pretty awesome. I'm sure you're teacher coworkers love you too!

    Primary Teacherhood

  2. It is fun working with teachers that are always wanting to grow professionally!


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