Why I love Pinterest

I would love to be an inventor and receive credit for bringing the world something cool, new and incredibly useful!  I wish I could have invented Pinterest.

I don't spend tons of time on Pinterest, because of work and school, however, I am still able to get great ideas, just by keeping up with the people that I follow.

Everything school related that I've tried from Pinterest has been a great success!  The students love the activities and they are usually easy and inexpensive!

This is my Pinterest Board for Literacy Without Worksheets.  There are lots of fun ideas that will not involve making copies, and students will be engaged.

I've had teachers ask me how to keep students accountable, if they are not turning in worksheets during literacy centers/work stations.  My best suggestion is that in the last 90 seconds of your guided reading group, you get up and walk around to each station to see the "product" that was created.  If you have a clipboard, then every student gets a check if they met the expectation, and if not, a conversation needs to take place with the student that did not meet your expectation.


  1. I love it too! It's so nice to be able to "file" stuff!

  2. (BTW found you through TpT)
    Carrie L


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