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It is finally going to be hot here this week!  I see some trips to the pool in our future :)

I made up this little sight word matching game for 4th of July!  I picked these words, because they seem to be the words students have a hard time learning when they are learning sight words.  Many of these words do not fit regular phonics patterns.  I also picked a few that were similar, except for 1 letter, which forces students to look at the entire word.

I'm already getting excited about 4th of July.  Our neighborhood goes all out for 4th of July. We have a parade with fire trucks, police cars, motorcycles and even some tractors!  Then we have a picnic and shoot off fireworks.  At 10:00 pm there are fireworks shot off by the lake (we can sit on our front lawn and see them perfectly).  In fact, I already picked up t-shirts for my children when I was at Old Navy yesterday to get their $5 running shorts.  However that was a colossal flop... WAY TOO SHORT!  Nobody wants to see these legs (and booty) in short, short running shorts!

PS- My 10 year old daughter says it is a good thing I made this free because, "it wouldn't be fair to charge money when kids aren't in school!"  :)

I figured out how to add an email subscription.  I've had a couple requests.  It was WAY easier than I thought.

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  1. Bridget...I added this link to my blog linky for guided reading. Thanks for sharing it on the TPT forum.

    PS...love connecting with other reading specialists!


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