Summer Fun..How to End Monopoly, Vacation Plans & More

My children love playing board games.  We have Monopoly Millionaire, and it lasts about 45 minutes (winner is the first one to $1 million).  If you read the reviews on Amazon, people say it is too short.  I think it is the perfect length of time. Every once and a while, my children want to play REAL Monopoly which takes DAYS (probably even years...I've never actually finished a game!).  Our house is small, and I'm kind of OCD about things being put away, so a Monopoly game board out for weeks causes me stress!!!  After 1.5 hours, we end the game and I give out awards :)   I change them up, but my children LOVE getting awards.  Yesterday these were the awards I gave out:
Most $1 Bills
Most Different Colored Properties
Most Get Out of Jail Free Cards
Most Houses
Most $500 Bills
Most Cash
Most Value in Property

For the first time in years, I'm planning our summer trip to Denver.  My husband is swamped at work, and he usually plans all our vacations (I just pack).  Last week I mentioned that I wanted to go to see a glacier, and I've found lots of awesome adventures for us to do.  One day we are going to visit the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. I've also been planning some hikes to waterfalls and some canyons.  I've also been practicing my photography skills (and reading lots and lots of photography tips), and really want to shoot some cool waterfall pictures.  I'm not really sure how this will work. Sometimes I have ideas of taking beautiful waterfall pictures while hiking in the Rockies.  What I forget, is that I have two little munchkins to chase after!!  The picture below is my goal picture.  I promise I will post pictures when we return.  I can't promise they will look like this!

I also found another great deal!!! Colorado Rockies are playing on Friday night, and we can get tickets for $10 for the whole family!  They are the cheap seats, but that's okay :) 

For teachers that are wanting to get ahead this summer, I'm offering my 1st Grade Bundle for $8.  This is a great deal (valued at $35).  Includes sight word, fluency, phonics, and word family activities, as well as lesson plan templates and Common Core checklists. 

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  1. And I thought I was the only one who didn't play Monopoly because it took too long! I didn't know there was a shorter version...I'll have to check that out!

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