Five for Friday and a Flash Freebie


 1.  Summer PD!  Yesterday, today, and Monday, I've been at PD.  Yesterday was OUTSTANDING!!!  I need to get all my notes sorted, but I loved the phonics continuum that was shared. There were so many little things I realized that I didn't know, that could make a big difference when students struggle.  One idea that I loved was when students get confused between short i and short e (or even mixing up letters), don't try and teach both a the same time during intervention.  Focus only on one.  I also got tons of ideas for phonemic awareness and phonics!  I love when I go to a PD and I come away with LOTS of ideas.  Once I get my ideas organized, it will eventually be an entire blog posting!!! 

2.  Date Night.  Tonight, dear husband and I are going to see "42"!  I cannot wait!  We have a $1 theater in town...the movies are never the newest releases, but it is a cheap, fun date!

3. Biopsy...I had a biopsy on my back done over lunch :(  I have so many scars.  The dr. is pretty sure this one is basal cell carcinoma, which is much better than melanoma (I've had both).   My doctor is amazing, and thankfully, I can get in pretty much same week, if I need to see him.  My public service announcement: Don't forget to wear sunscreen!

4.  I love this quote.  This describes me perfectly!  I love adventure!  My goal is to one day be on the Amazing Race. 

5.  I got the email that Old Navy has $8 dresses tomorrow!  I love wearing dresses!

My flash freebie is my newest product.  It is great for back to school- and the PowerPoint can be edited!  PS I'm addicted to Mealonheadz clipart!!!  This is free until 4pm today!


  1. Can't wait to hear more about your Phonics PD! My lower el wing has some very different opinions on which phonics curriculum or approach is best, especially with struggling readers.

  2. Don't you just love great PD days? I love getting new ideas that I can use. So glad that your biopsy turned out better than it could have. :)
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