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We have lots of fun planned this summer...but we are also busy!  Usually by the end of summer, I'm ready for the routine of school (I'm sure not thinking that today!!).  My children stay pretty busy with swim lessons, dance recitals and summer dance camp, volleyball, and tennis!

I tutor on Monday's and Wednesdays and I also have 4 days of professional development this summer.

I loved the question about 3 vacation essentials.  I picked sunscreen because I have had basal cell skin cancer and two years ago they found melanoma on my back. I have a huge scar, but otherwise I'm just fine!  I'm a red head with freckles and blue eyes, and just have to be extra careful in the sun!  My dermatologist is on speed dial, and I go every three months for follow-up appointments.

I love reading in the summer, so a book is a MUST!!

I think you need a good attitude when you go on vacation (especially when traveling with little ones)!!! Thankfully, my children are great travelers!  My son has been to more countries than he has states!  Our goal this summer is to take some road trips, so he can add some more states to his list :)  In fact, today we are driving home from our first road trip!  We went to Texas, and my son's flip flop broke as we were headed into a McDonald's for a potty break.  It reminded me of Jimmy Buffett song lyrics, "I blew out my flip flop!"  I don't think he was talking about a 6 year old hurrying out of the car to avoid having a potty accident!

May everyone have a fun filled summer :)  (and more Margarita's than flip flop blow outs!)


  1. Books were also on my vacation essential list. I love to read, and nothing better than having summer break to catch up on all the reading we miss during the school year!


  2. My idea of a holiday is sunshine, a cold drink and a good book. Enjoy all 3 for me - we still have another month with kids! Happy to be your newest follower.

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  3. A good book is a definite must have for summer! Or anytime! Enjoy your summer break!
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