Sale! Two Linky Parties and Duck on a Bike!

I'm throwing a 1 Day 20% off Sale!  Thank you  Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade  for the Sale Linky Party and the adorable graphic!!!  You can click on the picture below to get to my TPT store.

Comprehension Connection is having a fun linky party!  Each week there is a picture book linky that supports Six Trait Writing.  This weeks trait is IDEAS!  Duck on a Bike is one of my favorite David Shannon books!  I love the illustrations and students love the story.

For me, teaching writing is very challenging.  I like this book, because David Shannon thinks outside of the box, and at the same time he is writing about something that students have quite a bit of knowledge about.

Duck on a Bike can be used to teach students how every day occurrences can be transformed into a story that is full of creativity.  It is a good starting point to get students writing about things they do every day:  walking to school, going to PE, playing at recess, eating lunch in the cafeteria, riding the bus, doing homework, etc.  It is a also a great book for teaching visualizing.  Using this book as a model, students can transform their daily event into a creative story.

Using this graphic organizer, students can organize their ideas into a fun and creative story! Click here to download!  The adorable stars on the Writing Ideas page are from Ashley Hughes!

Another fun David Shannon book that takes another ordinary event (room cleaning) and turns it into a fun, creative story is Too Many Toys.

Here is the link for the linky party :)

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  1. Perfect! I love your ideas, and I think this idea could easily be modified for upper elementary too. Thanks for joining in the linky party.
    Comprehension Connection


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